Pinnacle eSports

Why should you care about Pinnacle eSports? It’s simple. Gaming has become more and more popular in the past 30 years. From the medium’s earliest days (the eras of the Atari 2600 and the NES) to the latest (Xbox One and PS4), technology has carried gaming a long, long way. In this time, trends and tastes have changed, and the best developers have moved with these to capture multiple generations’ imaginations. As a result, online gaming in competitive and co-operative forms has become a major market, with millions of people playing together across the globe each and every day.


The Rise of eSports Bets

eSports evolved from team-based gaming, with players becoming skilled and attuned enough to compete at a professional level. Being able to not only watch these experts play like modern-day gladiators is a huge thrill for fans, but now, betting sites allow you to place wagers, too. Pinnacle is a well-established betting site with extensive eSports-betting facilities, allowing you to win big prizes on your favourite games and gaming-stars. Our review explores the benefits of placing eSports bets with this leading site.


Online betting is now a major industry. While casinos and betting shops remain popular, the freedom and convenience the Internet offers has helped to bring betting into the home like never before. Since the first online casinos launched in the late 1990s, they have flourished, and dozens upon dozens have appeared within the past decade.

Using your laptop, tablet, or phone, you can place bets on your favourite sports, potentially winning big prizes from your chair or even on the move. Today, with so much competition, online betting sites must offer a unique design, experience, or service to stand out from the crowd.

Pinnacle is one site which has worked hard to establish itself as a virtual betting venue with a difference.

How? Unlike many of its rivals, Pinnacle provides its customers with the freedom to bet on eSports.

Pinnacle’s eSports Betting Facilities

Why does this matter? eSports is a form of sporting entertainment which just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Over the past 30 years, gaming technology has evolved beyond all recognition. From the likes of the Atari 2600 to the Xbox One, via so many others, home consoles allow gamers to delve into immersive worlds beyond anything the first gaming fans could have imagined.

With this advanced technology, gaming has become far more mainstream. Today, the industry is worth billions, generating revenue across the globe, competing with movies, music, and TV as it struggled to in the past. For gamers, this is a golden age: fast, cheap internet connectivity makes hopping online to compete with friends and strangers alike as easy as tapping a button or two. You can hone your skills facing off against, or playing alongside, people from all over the world.

This focus on multiplayer gaming has enabled eSports to grow from a pastime into a multi-million pound industry. While players may start off playing alone in their bedrooms, those with the right skills, passion, and ability to work as part of a team can end up claiming massive prizes by competing in championships. Pinnacle has tapped into this growing sport and offers members the chance to make wagers on the biggest, most exciting eSports events. For anyone looking for a change from betting on football or racing, eSports is a dynamic alternative.

By including eSports in their portfolio of betting options, Pinnacle are standing at the cutting edge of online wagering. How do their services stand up compared to those of other sites, and why should you choose to bet on eSports with them?


Who are Pinnacle?

Pinnacle was launched in 1998, with an aim to provide betting fans with a unique alternative to other bookmakers. The company prides itself on offering the greatest odds on the market and giving winning players a fair, fun environment to play within. Pinnacle is dedicated to providing the highest bet-limits too: for the 2014 World Cup final, the website actually accepted bets of as much as $1m.

Pinnacle has been rated the top site for payouts, providing the best-value odds available online, giving members the best return on investment for their bets. The site also provides members with a selection of articles which offer insights into placing bets, helping to maximize players’ wagers and get more for their money.

Pinnacle provides odds in two different types. Decimal is likely to be the most familiar to European players, but the American format will also make it easier for those used to playing on US-based sites. Decimal odds are generally regarded as the easiest way for betting fans to work out how much they stand to win for a good bet, and so Pinnacle provides an in-depth guide to it for those in need of a refresher.

The lower the decimal number, the greater the chances that the team being bet upon will actually claim a victory. The higher the decimal odds, the more likely it is the team being bet upon will lose their game. Pinnacle makes working odds out easily be offering this sage advice: “you can calculate how much you’ll win on a decimal bet by multiplying the decimal odds by the amount you want to bet”.

For anyone just starting out on livesports betting, this nugget will help to get their adventure off to a good start, making those early wagers better-informed. Not every betting site is quite so transparent or helpful with figuring out odds, so it’s certainly appreciated for Pinnacle to do this.

As well as bets placed on winners, another area in eSports betting is Future. In this, members can place a bet on predicted outcomes of a forthcoming event, rather than betting on a single match between two teams. For example, any member looking to try a Future bet would be likely to make a wager on the overall winner of a long-running tournament instead. This adds an extra dimension to Pinnacle’s eSports betting, ensuring players of all skill levels can experience something a little deeper than just making a wager on a single game. It adds extra challenge, which is always welcomed by more seasoned betting-fans.

Another eSports betting option at Pinnacle is the Proposition, focused on a single variable within a match. This may well be something like ‘how many matches will Fnatic win in this tournament?’, which allows members to follow their favourite teams and stick to what may be considered the safest bet.

Pinnacle eSports also offer the chance to make Handicap or Spread bets. This allows further experimentation and a deeper, more exciting betting-experience. As an example, if one team were unlikely (from an odds perspective) to win a specific match, a member of Pinnacle might prefer to place a bet on a possible handicap. If Fnatic were to play a game against Team Liquid, the bet might be something as simple as: could Fnatic win if they began the game with a two-game advantage?

As a result of these handicaps being added, a game’s odds are subject to change – with a slight advantage or disadvantage, either team’s odds of winning will rise or fall. It’s testament to Pinnacle eSports’ structure and member-centric focus that they provide so much information ahead of time, rather than just leaving players to discern these details for themselves through trial and error. It shows the site is dedicated to player satisfaction.

Meanwhile, combination bets are also accommodated in Pinnacle’s eSports section. These are also known as multiple or accumulator bets, and combine two or more single bets on varied events. To claim a victory, every bet in the overall wager must actually win as predicted. As a result, the payout is the combination of the odds from every individual bet within the accumulator. Players willing to take a risk on this type of betting stand to win a greater prize, though the odds of claiming an overall victory may well be intimidating to some, specifically newcomers to eSports betting.

Pinnacle makes it clear, right from the start, how to make different bets and work out how much you stand to make or lose.

Extra Elements

As well as the eSports section, Pinnacle also offers members the chance to play casino games (against AI or with live dealers) and to bet on various different sports. The site is optimised for mobile play, with betting and gaming at any time, any place, provided an internet connection is available. For anyone interested in eSports, though, Pinnacle’s main attraction will be their eSports category, filled with plenty of tournament listings and deep articles covering the latest, biggest events.

For newcomers to the eSports betting field, Pinnacle includes a helpful introduction, providing information on how to place bets, what different types of bets are available, and crediting an account. This is a nice addition, ensuring that new members keen to get started have a minimum of delay.

Pinnacle is something of a pioneer in the eSports betting market. Their Head of Sportsbook is a keen gamer, and was so convinced of the potential within the eSports sector he added it to the site’s portfolio. Since then, more than one million eSports bets have been placed by members, bringing substantial winnings and helping to enhance the popularity of eSports. This is clearly a site run by gamers, for gamers, as illustrated by the presence of articles on the rise of Dota 2’s The International event and the immense popularity of League of Legends.

The Importance of Accessibility


With online betting, accessibility is key. Adults of all ages enjoy placing a wager on their favourite sports, and this is as true of eSports as many other events. Being able to navigate the website and find the fixtures they want is key to making the experience a positive one.

Pinnacle are in no danger of alienating their members with their eSports layout. From the first moment you land on the category’s main page, you can see all the information you need, with the main sections accessible via a selection of tabs. From here, you can jump to the latest odds, an eSports schedule, articles, eSports live score updates, and help with placing bets. Like the rest of the website, the eSports section is simple, clean, and hassle-free – a streamlined design to keep members satisfied without flashy visuals or gimmicks.

By clicking on the Live Odds tab, you will be taken to a selection of upcoming events, clearly naming teams (with many recognisable ones present). Clicking on a specific set of events will take you through to a more detailed page carrying betting odds; the biggest games are all present, separated into easy-to-find categories.

Counter-Strike’s multiple leagues and events are all here to bet on: EPICENTER, ESL Pro League, Hitbox Cup, Northern Arena, and World Cyber Arena. Dota 2, the most lucrative eSport in the world, is also available to bet on, as is League of Legends, StarCraft II, and even World of Tanks. This variety ensures that players of all tastes and skill levels can check out the odds on their favourites, accessing all the information they need to determine the best bets for maximum return on their money.

As eSports continues to become a major aspect of the sports-betting industry, more and more sites will integrate it into their selection. However, not only is Pinnacle leading the way now, they have been for more than five years now – and it shows. The eSports section feels just as integral to the overall Pinnacle experience as the other sports available to be bet upon, and even those with no history of gaming are likely to be intrigued.

No knowledge of the games themselves are needed to bet on eSports, much in the same way that no experience of actually playing football or racing a horse is needed to place bets on those sports. Pinnacle’s slick but understated presentation makes finding a good bet a quick, simple experience.


A Closer Look at Pinnacle’s eSports Schedules

As we mentioned earlier, Pinnacle eSports provide members of the site with all the latest and greatest scheduled events. Choosing a game or tournament to bet on is quick and simple, with plenty of options. This is where the site’s streamlined yet dynamic visual design works wonders: on the Schedule page, events are laid out with their own distinctive sections, with images adding a little more visual flair. This information helps fans find out when their favourite events are scheduled for, should you wish to watch LoL eSports live or Counter-Strike games in action.

This also helps to tell members a little more about the genre of the game to be bet upon; for example, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive category is illustrated with an image of a heavily-armoured figure carrying an assault rifle, denoting the weapons-based tactical action the game is known for. League of Legends’ category, on the other hand, features an image of a ferocious dragon and warriors facing off against it. Soft colours against the stark black background help to make every image stand out, keeping the page easy to scan, while the white text is bold enough to be clear.

Pinnacle provides schedules for upcoming events, with the three forthcoming matches listed in chronological order. At the time of writing, four different games have three events listed for each under the ‘this week’s live in-play schedule’, so anyone looking to make a bet can find the right one for them in next to no time. Hearthstone, for example, has events on a Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, between 12.30 and 16.00 PST. As well as these main events, Pinnacle’s scheduling page also lists every other important eSports fixture: for instance, the CSL 2016 Finals are listed, with full dates and specific details to help members access all the key data to base their bets upon.

The Counter-Strike:
Global Offensive Champions League is also here, as are the SL I-League Invitational and the DreamHack ZOWIE Open Winter tournaments. StarCraft II, one of the biggest eSports games on the market today, is represented here, with a full betting calender available for your perusal. The StarCraft II StarLeague, Global StarCraft League, 2016 Proleague, and World Championship Series are all available to be bet on. For avid fans of StarCraft II, or even those looking to get involved in one of eSports’ most crucial titles, being able to make wagers on these key events is a huge draw.

Star Craft II:


How huge? Well, let’s look at some examples. StarCraft II is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game with a strong science-fiction edge, putting players in control of one of three different species, each with its own specific strengths and weaknesses. Players from all over the world play together online, but the professional tournaments are a sight to behold. The greatest in the eSports field have racked up amazing prize-amounts over the years.

In StarCraft II’s professional events, just under $20m has been awarded across 3820 tournaments, from the end of February 2010 to the end of August 2016. The top players have made a good (or even great) living from playing StarCraft II. Min Chil Jang, from the Republic of Korea, has achieved an incredible overall prize of $503,931 over the years. Beneath him, Seung Hyun Lee has won $475,300. Multiple others have claimed similarly massive prizes from this game.

Dota 2:
The Dota 2 betting calendar includes the Shanghai Major, the DotaPit League, the ESL One Manilla, the WePlay League, EPICENTER, Dream League, SL I-League Invitational, and the ESL One Frankfurt. Dota 2 is actually the most lucrative eSports in the world, with a total payout of just under $87m across 1630 players in 632 tournaments. Like StarCraft II, Dota 2 is a team-based arena game, with players taking on specific roles, with their own skills and abilities.

Dota 2 is the basis of one of the eSports industry’s biggest events, possibly even THE key event in the entire calendar. The International is a massive gaming milestone, and the prize money has reached an incredible $20,770,640 in 2016. The most recent The International took place in June 2016, and the aforementioned prize money was the biggest pool in all of eSports history. Wings Gaming, a prolific team in the industry, won more than $9m after achieving a 3-1 victory. The International attracts thousands of spectators in person and online, with 2016’s event watched by millions of people via streaming services.


Placing bets on The International stands to win Pinnacle eSports’ members significant prizes (provided they choose wisely, of course), and being able to watch the event live as it unfolds will only help to make the experience even more exciting. League of Legends, Hearthstone, and other games can also be wagered on, across numerous events.

For any member, either seasoned or inexperienced, looking to get into eSports gaming, knowing a little about the main games and the most important fixtures can be extremely helpful. Clicking on each of these individual fixtures for more details takes you off-site, to an official page dedicated to the topic at hand, with all the pertinent information.

Once you settle on a game to bet on, how do you actually perform the transaction? Let’s take a look at Pinnacle eSports’ payment methods.


Pinnacle Deposit Options

As you would expect, payment methods mean everything on any betting site. Given their extensive history and solid reputation, Pinnacle would be letting members down if they failed to provide a wide variety of payment options – fortunately, they don’t disappoint.

First and foremost, currency is incredibly important to accommodate players from all over. A betting site which allows members to use only one or two different types of currency is shooting itself in the foot, limiting its reach and engagement.

Pinnacle eSports allow users to pay with the biggest, most common currencies, including:

  • Australian dollars
  • Canadian dollars
  • Chinese Yuan Renminbi
  • Czech Koruna
  • Euro
  • Hong Kong Dollars
  • Japanese Yen
  • Korean Won
  • Malaysian Ringgit
  • Mexican Peso
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Norwegian Krone
  • Polish Zloty
  • Pound Sterling
  • Russian Rouble
  • Singaporean Dollars
  • Swedish Kronor
  • Taiwanese Dollar
  • Thai Baht
  • US Dollar

As you can see, every major gaming market is covered, allowing eSports enthusiasts from across the globe to place bets on the events that pique their interest.
The major payment platforms are all accommodated, ensuring maximum convenience for the broadest possible coverage of betting fan:

  • Bank transfer
  • Chinese banking
  • Chinese debit card
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • eCheque
  • entropay
  • iDebit
  • Instadebit
  • Moneta
  • Neteller
  • paysafecard
  • Qiwi Wallet
  • Skrill
  • sofortuberweisung
  • Webmoney

When placing bets, people like to have a huge variety of options. Perhaps you have a separate banking account for your gaming funds and another for your family money; perhaps you like to use Skrill only for placing bets, keeping one account dedicated to your hobby. Whatever your personal circumstances, being able to place wagers on the eSports you love with the most convenient payment method can make or break your experience with a betting site. In its years of experience, Pinnacle has clearly developed a strong grasp for keeping its members engaged, satisfied, and coming back again and again.

Payment methods like Skrill, Neteller, and MasterCard are incredibly simple to use, and are involved in countless transactions every day. Entering information is quick and easy, and once your account is registered, you can deposit money in a matter of seconds. Of course, in the digital age, security and safety is paramount: when you credit your account with funds, often substantial amounts, you want to feel reassured that your money is out of reach from others.


Pinnacle takes this very seriously, employing SSL encryption to keep your financial and personal details safe during transactions. Pinnacle also provides detailed information on the payment options they offer, with safety details, a brief description of the service, and fees included. This ensures members have access to critical data, allowing them to make more of an informed decision when they choose.

For example, let’s take a look at Skrill. This is a common option for betting-fans looking to make a wager on an eSports game or tournament, and Pinnacle allow members to make deposits using Skrill free of charge. However, a minimum of $10 (or other currency) must be added to an account, and the maximum amount is based on specific credit limits imposed by Skrill themselves. Skrill transactions are set to be processed within just a few minutes.

Pinnacle also highlights crucial security information here. Again in the case of Skrill, the site will only actually accept your deposit if your Skrill email address and username is a match with your registered Pinnacle details. It lists in a step-by-step manner how to place your deposit, walking newcomers and those less-familiar with internet transactions through the process for maximum convenience. This is a major help for anyone in a rush to bet on an eSport event before it begins, which can happen during the biggest tournaments.

Pinnacle Withdrawal Options

Now that we’ve covered making deposits with Pinnacle eSports, how about making withdrawals? Should you change your mind about funds you have credited or wish to take out your winnings, being able to make withdrawals in a fast, easy way is critical to your enjoyment of the site.

Let’s take Neteller as our example. While depositing with Neteller incurs no fee whatsoever, players have to pay a price to withdraw their winnings. In GBP, this cost is £8, on a minimum amount of £10 and a maximum of £20,000. Pinnacle is careful to point out that withdrawals over 7,000 Euro (or its equal in other denominations) may well take longer, as per international regulations around the world.

Pinnacle grants every member a single free withdrawal for every calendar month, and any additional withdrawals made in that same month will incur the aforementioned fee. While this may frustrate some members, Pinnacle takes great care to make these costs clear and comprehensible, avoiding any hidden prices. Such transparency is key to maintaining a popular site with a solid reputation.

As with deposits, Pinnacle provides a step-by-step walkthrough for making withdrawals, saving the wasted time and irritation that searching for this same information might cause otherwise.


So, Pinnacle is a leading name in eSports betting, but is it worth your time and money?

Definitely. This is a site with a broad range of eSports betting options, covering all the crucial events and tournaments throughout the gaming calendar: whether members love StarCraft II, Dota 2, League of Legends, or many others, they will find all the details they need to make an informed bet. Being able to access the odds with a click or two is a great advantage, and with Pinnacle offering the best odds in the eSports-betting field, fans will find themselves hard-pressed to complain.

On top of this, Pinnacle makes their eSports hub as welcoming to newcomers as possible. The variety of informative articles on the different key events and games is a massive help, providing plenty of in-depth guidance to the industry’s biggest titles. The detailed advice on calculating odds will also save time and make those new to the process feel much more at ease. Outside of eSports, Pinnacle also provides an expansive casino and sports-betting, covering all the major bases that betting-fans enjoy.

As eSports continues to become such an integral part of betting and mainstream entertainment, Pinnacle has been ahead of the curve for years already. Someday, people may well talk about Fnatic and Team Liquid with the same reverence and familiarity as they do about their favourite football teams. By offering such comprehensive eSports-betting facilities, Pinnacle ensures it stands at the forefront of progress.

Want to learn more about eSports and getting involved in the action?